Welcome to ARA

ARA Healthcare (ARAHC) is one of the first kind of leading Biopharmaceutical Research and development Company focusing on the development of novel biologicals, biosimilars and molecular diagnostic services.


ARAHC was founded by Dr. Rama Mukherjee in 2003 and become operational in 2008 with a strong vision to be a leading developer of high quality biopharmaceutical molecules.


The core strength of ARAHC lies in designing and creating hyper-producing bacterial and mammalian expression systems for recombinant protein molecules.


ARA Healthcare intends to assists its global partners in shortening the cycle and lowering the cost of drug discovery and development by providing cost-effective and efficient co-development and outlicensing solutions.


ARAHC is constantly striving to provide a comprehensive range of services of integrated portfolio therapeutic molecules development, biologicals and biosimilar molecules, laboratory services ranging from disease target identification, validation to product development.


The Diagnostic arm of ARA Healthcare is Gen-X Diagnostics. www.genxdiagnostics.com


ARAHC’s mission is to achieve significant growth of the company by developing efficient and cost effective process for the development of biosimilar and novel biotech drugs of pharmacopeial grade.
Our vision at ARAHC is to become the strong genomic & proteomics based biopharmaceutical therapeutic drug development and contract research service company.
We value our drive and commitment to provide cutting edge technologies and top quality service to our clients, sharing our knowledge and caring for their needs.